What is SEO and How Does it Help Your Website?


If you have just started a new site, and keep hearing the term S E O thrown around, you will want to know what it means. After all, done correctly, S E O can attract the search engines to your site and to its content in a big way.

What is S E O? -- S E O is an abbreviation of the term search engine optimization. All it means is that you should set up your site, and write your articles, so that they are optimized for search engines. If they are, engines like G oogle, Bing and Yahoo will be able to find your site. 

Once they can, that allows them to place your articles higher up in their search results.

What does S E O include? -- Setting up your site for search engine optimization means you should include several things.

These are things like using the right keywords when writing articles, making sure your articles and site are linked to by other websites and that your site links to other sites. 

It should also include a meta description that correctly describes what your content is about, and photographs that draw the attention of both search engines and traffic.

How does the right S E O help your site? -- Good S E O is the way search engines know what your site is about, and if the articles on it describe or provide information about a specific thing.

The better your S E O, the higher up search results your articles will appear. When this happens, the more people find them and the more they visit your site.

In other words, good S E O will endear you to the search engines and will bring much more traffic to your site than you have been receiving previously. 

If you do not know how to implement S E O, there are plenty of companies you can pay to do it for you.

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